It’s that time! Senior Portraits are here!

Here’s some tips for making this experience even better!
First, please try to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment.

Photos will be taken at the school.
Please enter through the front of the building and check in with security.

Then head towards the Faculty Dining Room where your photo will be taken.
For first appointments, it is not required to have a
 parent or guardian with you but it is recommended
*limit one (1) guest*

*text in red are required unless discussed with the studio prior*


  •  Wear something strapless or where you can pull the straps down. You will be wearing a strapless gown over your shirt for a portion of the shoot. Wearing something strapless makes this much easier.
  • Use minimal makeup. If you wear heavy makeup, it can cause an unnatural appearance and make retouching difficult. Yearbook images and all purchased images are retouched* – wearing excess makeup makes this difficult.
  • Don’t dye your hair or try a new style on the whim. This is the reason for more than 80% of reshoots every year. When it comes to your hair, do something that you’re comfortable with!
  • Make sure your nails are clean and neat. You will see your hands in some of the images, so please make sure your nails are neat. Also remember your school colors if you choose to paint your nails! Having other bright colored nails may look off, but of course, that’s up to you. (We recommend neutral colors if you do choose to paint your nails).


  •  Come wearing your own shirt, tie, and jacket.
  • If you are normally shaven, remember to shave prior to your appointment!
  • If you need a haircut, please do it a day or two before. Don’t try to squeeze it all into one day.
  • We will see your hands in some photos, so it’s best to clean under your fingernails.

If you have a class ring, make sure to bring it and let the photographers know.


If you have braces and expect to get them off before the end of the school year, let the photographer or the studio know!


New this year! Prop Photos!
Are you an athlete? Musician? Hobbyist? Or have a sentimental item?
Bring in a prop with you and we will take a small series of photos of you with your prop in your cap and gown!

There is a $10 cash sitting fee due at check in for these photos.


Lastly, don’t forget to practice your smile!

Please take your first shoot seriously. Reshoots are $20 cash due at check in and require a parent or guardian to attend. We try our best to make reshoots unnecessary!

*Earlier photos are not available for viewing or purchase after reshoots.*

*all purchased images are retouched except the unretouched disk

**Due to COVID-19 we are taking extra measures in order to keep everyone safe and ask you to also do your part. Please wear face coverings when you’re not getting your pictures taken and practice safe physical distancing. While cleanliness of garments has always been a focus of ours, we are focusing even more on making sure everything is sanitized between uses. If you have any questions regarding this, don’t hesitate to ask. We thank you for your cooperation.**